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27 September 2012 @ 11:36 am
Poor Seanie.  
Some days, I think Seanie's just a few grains of gunpowder shy of exploding from the stress of life. He's just had one thing after another:
- Losing his passport a few days before international travel
- Flying to Japan for a week for work
- Once in Japan, he spent a lot of time with a coworker with whom he wasn't particularly travel-compatible. They didn't really like the same things, didn't do things at the same pace, etc - made it really difficult to have fun.
- Plus, there was the stress of leading the coverage of the Tokyo Game Show
- Coming back to California to find out the house has been invaded by pantry moths
- Losing all of his days off because he has to work special events
- Several hardware reviews have to be completed in a relatively short amount of time
- Pantry moths. Gotta freakin' get rid of 'em!!!!

It's a lot to pile on the poor guy. I try to be helpful, but obviously there's only so much I can do since I can't do any of his work and I'm juggling my own work and academic projects. But I feel so bad for him!

Seanie needs a vacation.
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