Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Swinging wake at RHA today!

I'm at work, and there's a memorial service scheduled for today. I expect it to be the usual affair: photographs mounted on the wall while more pictures play in a slideshow on the TV, somber people making speeches about how great so-and-so was, and after an hour or two the place empties out.

This memorial service was a little different. You ever hear the phrase 'swinging wake'? (It's a line in the Haunted Mansion's theme song, for starters.) That is the best phrase to describe the gathering. First off, mountains of booze flowing freely. They brought in several cases last night, and more today. Colorful tableclothes cover the table - red, gold, yellow, and the rest of the rainbow spectrum. Each table had a centerpiece made up of bottles of wine and expensive shoes.

As each guest arrived, he or she was offered a feather boa to wear - a cornucopia of colors to choose from. Some of the guests, thinking ahead, had brought their own feathers, or something equally festive. Watching these folks totter in on platform heels, dressed like Galliano runway models, was freakin' awesome. One woman had this extremely sculptural shrug made of a sheer fabric that wrapped around her arms like a cage. Feather fascinators were everywhere.

Three was so much laughter as the party got going. I kept thinking, "Man, I wish that when I die folks have this much fun!" People spoke of the dead woman with such fondness. It was really cool - it even made me wish I'd known her, because clearly she was twenty kinds of awesome.

If you've got to die, that's a nice way to shuffle off the mortal coil.
Tags: death, funeral, rha, work

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