Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The Adventure in the Mountain

Okay, so after I was down south for a few days we went camping for a week. It was fun. Absolutely nothing happened. One day we went and saw Spattercones, another day we looked at mud pots & hot springs instead. We went hiking and fishing and played cards every night. I slept in a yellow tent. I'd brought my CDs with me but forgot a CD Player, but that was okay too because I never had time to listen anyway. You get the idea. Typical camping experience.


Yeah, I know I said I'd tell details, but I don't feel like writing about it now because I'd like to write about other stuff that doesn't involve dirt and I can always write about it again later, y'know?


Anyway, so I've been writing all afternoon because I want to get this chapter done by July 10th and I'm totally stuck 'cuz I need to get a tragic romantic scene in there and I really*hate*writing*them. So I'm flipping coins about a lot of things for it, like whether or not the characters will cry. Originally neither of them did, but then it made the relationship seem awfully shallow for three years of effort. So then I wrote it so that both characters cry, but that didn't work either because it went against the personality type of the female character. But having just the guy cry seemed weird, so now I'm back at square one. Argh.

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