Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Two sucks in a row!

It has been so freakin' hot the last couple of days. I mean, it was in the high 90s on Monday and's autumn! It's October! Why is it so HOT?

It was really a pain yesterday. The teacher of my California Architecture class wanted to do a walking tour of several historic homes a few blocks from SJSU's campus, which on any other day would have been just fine. But the moment we stepped outside the classroom, sweat started dripping down everyones' faces. As we trudged along, I could see one of my classmates progressively turning pinker and pinker. I could feel sweat pooling in the small of my back, trapped between my skin and my backpack. It was GROSS.

So that was the suck for yesterday. Today's suck would have to be the speeding ticket I got while I was driving to the light rail station today. I was going 40 past an elementary school, where the speed limit's 25 miles per hour. A cop was standing in the road, shooting cars with a speed radar gun, and he got me. He pulled me over to the side and got my information, so I can expect a letter in the mail. I *think* I'm OK for traffic school - it's been a year and a half since I last got in trouble for driving fast, right?
Tags: architecture, car trouble, police, sjsu, weather

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