Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm almost ready to fly solo at the museum - terrifying!

Today I did two school tours. For each one, I did the talks for Gallery A, C, D, and the tomb. I added on the Kingship and Religion talk (Gallery C), which is when we talk to the kids about the importance of the Nile to live in Ancient Egypt, and how the king was held responsible for maintaining ma'at, or balance in the world. To keep the kids involved, I ask them questions like, "How old do you think the youngest pharaoh was?" or "Do you know of any women who became pharaoh?" At some point, we have to make a transition - always awkward - from the pharaohs to the mummy lying in the next room. She was once a priestess or chantress in a temple, we believe - nothing to do with royalty. After introducing her, I release the kids to explore the gallery on their own.

Although I'm getting used to the routine of the tours, I dread the day I have to do them on my own. When the kids are exploring the room, they don't talk to you much, unless they need to ask where the stamps are. (They have little paper "passports" that they can stamp in several of the galleries.) So you're mostly watching these little people swarm around like ants on a piece of candy by yourself. It seems like it will be rather lonely once I've no longer got another intern to talk to.
Tags: internship, museum, rosicrucian

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