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New Year's Resolutions: October Update

New Year's Resolutions: October Update

1. Get married.

2. Move out from my parents' house.
I think I'm gonna call this one 'done', even though I still have a ton of stuff at my parents' house.  Everything I need to live is now at the new home - clothes, school books, and so on.  Everything still at Mom's is 'in storage' or is awaiting my leisure, when I will convert my old bedroom into an office.  But in terms of effective daily living, I'm fully functioning at Sean's house my house? our house.

3. Get a 4.0.
We'll see, we'll's the last semester, so I hope to make it awesome!

4. Graduate from SJSU.
The paperwork is filed, so as far as the world is concerned this is my last semester at SJSU.  Woo-hoo!

5. Complete at least one internship, preferably two.
Internship #1: Egyptian Museum

6. Create an awesome work of art.
This might not happen, and that makes me very, very sad.

7. Set up – and stick with – a fitness routine.
I've gained three or four pounds since I moved in with Seanie.  I really gotta do this.

8. Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
At the end of August, I had 170 "to be posted" entries.
At the end of September, I had 163.
Today, I have 153. 
So it's very, very slowly progressing.

9. Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
Can I call this one completed?  I'm currently about a week behind in reviews, which isn't all that bad.  My massive pile of 'to be reviewed' books has been whittled down to only two or three outstanding volumes, and that's normal.  Granted, I still haven't 'gotten ahead' of the curve, as I'd like, but by the end of the year I think that will happen.

10. Do one thing completely new.

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