Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Running after AP History scores...

Today I woke up at six o'clock and went jogging. And it hurt, because I haven't moved faster than a slow crawl since school got out. Even when I was at Mt. Lassen I only dragged my feet along the trail - but that could be because I was staring everywhere but the trail... Anyway, Davy wants to stay in shape and he thinks that a morning jog will help my temperment, so I'm letting him win this one. We're going to do this every morning until I manage to stay pleasant for 24 hours or I die. What a choice, ne?
So when I got home, I immediately took a shower and then went back to sleep, because I hate waking up any earlier than noon. (This could be why I'm such a brat during the school year.) After I did that I took my Butler's class ring (which I've had since the end of school because I tied it to my shoe and forgot about it) and put it in a paper bag and taped it to the bricks in front of my house so he could come pick it up. He hasn't done so yet, though, and I'm debating whether to bring it back in or not 'cuz it might get stolen now in the dark. We're in a pretty safe neighborhood, though.
I went to the library and checked out some manga and renewed my AP English books. Turns out I owe the library over $20 in collected fines, but the guy behind the counter was being real sweet and told me I didn't have to pay now. I'll just use the computerized checkouts at Santa Teresa and then I'll never have to pay. Ha ha.


Hey, I got my AP Exam results for American History! I managed to get a four! Ha ha ha! Seriously, though, I was rather disappointed. I hoped I'd get a five. Oh well, I'll definately get a five on the English exam next year, wait and see!

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