Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Hopefully this won't bite me later.

A little while back, Kitty gave me a whole bunch of books (mostly manga) that she was clearing out.  Some of the manga series were out of print, and one of them, From Far Away, was selling for a decent chunk of change on eBay.  I took some pictures and threw together a listing, hoping they'd sell so I could pass some money on to Kitty.  (After all, fresh baby means that money's probably always rather short.)  On the 14th, I got an e-mail stating that someone had bought the listing - $180 before eBay fees and shipping costs!

Right after she made the purchase, the buyer sends me an email asking to confirm the books' condition and ask for more pictures. Uhm, shouldn't you be doing that *before* you make the purchase?  Now I'm worried that this person is suffering from buyer's remorse and wants to back out.
  I've shipped the books (carefully documenting every stage of the process) and I've got my fingers crossed that she'll be happy with her books, but I'm nervous and won't feel at ease 'til she leaves positive feedback.

Tags: ebay, kitty, manga

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