Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bad news in the middle of the night.

Early early this morning - around 2:00am, something awful like that, Seanie gets a phone call from someone he knew back in high school. The guy was his friend back then, but in his adulthood he's been something of a liar and a loser, so they are no longer close. According to this guy (we'll call him Dumbass), one of their other childhood friends, Jurgen, had shot himself in the head. A suicide.

Well. Seanie was shocked, naturally, but of course he had to investigate this, because Dumbass isn't always truthful. So he gets out of bed and goes online and starts working the phonelines to find out what exactly went down.

Unfortunately, he was able to locate a sheriff's report that more or less verified Dumbass' story. He also got more details from Dumbass, who explained that their old friend Chortle's parents had gotten a call from Suicide's parents. I'm not sure if they called Chortle or if he was there when they found out, but he turned around and called Dumbass, who took it upon himself (after drinking 6 or 8 beers) to inform the rest of Jurgen's social circle.

Ignoring the gross rudeness of spreading a story when it's highly probable that Jurgen's parents wanted to keep this on the down low, Dumbass made the call to inform Seanie of Jurgen's death, in the middle of the night when decent people are sleeping.

As you may have guessed, I wasn't too thrilled with the way he went about it. While I don't disagree that Seanie needed to know - Jurgen was one of his oldest and closest friends - Dumbass certainly could have waited 'til morning. As it was, Seanie couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

This morning, he went to meet with Chortle's parents in order to find out what he should do next. He wants to help with anything Jurgen's parents might need - collecting Jurgen's things or whatever may come up - but he doesn't want to bother them if they aren't ready for visitors.


The news of his death is both shocking...and not. Jurgen was a former Marine who seemed to suffer an endless series of unfortunate events. His wife cheated on him while he was serving in Iraq, and divorced him when he came home. He suffered a head injury that prevented him from re-upping, and then he had a lot of trouble finding work as a civilian. I only met him a few times, but from the stories Seanie told he seemed like an individual perpetually flirting with death, and it just isn't a surprise to me that he would take his own life.

It's really sad for his family, though. His father suffered a stroke when he was relatively young, so he's not 'all there', and won't be able to help Jurgen's mother with everything. As far as I know Jurgen had no siblings, which makes the situation even sadder.
Tags: death, seanie, suicide

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