Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Why are art supplies so expensive? ;_;

Sam wants Copic markers. They're the best of the best - beautiful and wonderful and colorful and great. Some professional mangaka swear by them. If you get Copic Sketch, then it's like painting with markers. What I specifically want is Copic Marker 72 Color Set A.
The only problem is the darn set is $320.76. If I work all summer for my dad and don't buy any new clothes for the school year, and don't subscribe to all the manga anthologies I originally planned to, I can get them.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I love clothes! I love manga!
But I love art, too. I lovelovelove markers. And I want the best of the best, not nasty old Rose Art or Crayola. (When I told my mom about Copic, that was what she suggested I get instead.)
Even the 12 Color set is $53.46, you know? Very expensive.
But I want it! I need it! I must have the 72 Color Set A!
So I worked hard today and scanned slides for Daddy and I plan to check out getting a job at Mervyn's. At Mervyn's. This is how desperate I am. I am willing to work at Mervyn's.
That reminds me, I have about $15 in checks and money orders that I need to go to the bank and get cashed. Maybe if I ask Daddy he'll do it...I really hate going to banks, you know? The people behind the counter stare at you like they expect you to whip out a gun. Or even worse, they look at you as if they don't think you have a cent in the world. I'll just ignore the fact that they're right.
But $15 is not $320, you know?

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