Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Holiday Party at RHA

Tonight was the annual Holiday Party at RHA.  My boss tried extra hard to "class it up" this year, with special catering and festive new decorations, so he wanted Janelle and me to work the party as greeters/servers/mini-hostesses.  It was a bit of poor timing, given that I have a lot of homework and exams to study for, but I need the money so I said I'd do it.

Do you like my dress?  I wanted to look festive, and I had just gotten this one from Modcloth.  (I <3 Modcloth!!!)  It would have looked better without the sleeves, but it's been so cold lately that I thought I'd freeze without them.  (It turns out that I was moving around so much that I would have been fine, but one never knows.)  The dorky hat was Mike's idea, but I thought it was fun.  People kept saying I was a cute little elf, which made me feel like I was five years old dodging cheek-pinchers.

We anticipated roughly 120 guests, but Boss estimates we got close to 200.  Considering the Clubhouse is built to accommodate 112 people, according to the fire marshal, it was crazy crowded.  As Janelle and I tried to do our job, we were constantly getting squished and trapped by the clusters of residents chatting each other up.

Our major responsibility was to make sure that there was always plenty of food on the table.  The residents were ravenous - we'd put down a platter of snacks and they'd descend like vultures, gobble it all up and then look around for more!  They were also drinking wine like fish drinking water.  The other job we had was retrieving dirty dishes and bringing them back to the kitchen, where one of the volunteers was washing, washing, washing dishes.  (It would have been so much easier to use paper plates, but we were trying to be classy.  Paper doesn't look nearly as nice as white china.)  

Boss had hired a harpist to play music throughout the evening, which was really lovely.  I felt a little sorry for her, because she was in a corner and people were crowding her.  She was very protective of her harp - understandable, especially given her proximity to the bar and people enjoying many glasses of wine - and seemed nervous at times.  Beautiful music, though.

It was crazy busy right up until the end of the party at 9:00, but it was fun.  One of the residents gave me a trio of Stila lip glosses as an early Christmas present - she's such a sweetheart!  The caterers sent us home with plates of food, and the man in charge of the community's landscaping team gave both Janelle and me a bouquet to take home.  Good food, nice chatter...even though I was working, it was a pretty fun night.
Tags: christmas, rha, work

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