Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Movie: Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

Sean and I recently watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights together.  I'd seen the movie several times over the years; my brother owned a VHS of it so it was always around in high school.  Sean, though, had somehow never managed to see it, despite being a Mel Brooks fan.

It's a little sad to see a director in decline, but Robin Hood is so weak compared to Mel Brooks classics like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein.  The jokes are stale and more obvious...and dated.  Oh so very dated.  The film was made in the 1990s, and so many of the jokes are specific to the era that I, a child at the time, can barely remember what they're referencing.

[Robin and Ahchoo are fighting royal soldiers]
Ahchoo: Time out! Sorry bad guys, but I am running out of air. Gotta get pumped.
[Ahchoo pumps his sneakers]
Ahchoo: OK honkies. Time in!

Remember pump sneakers?  Barely?

But other jokes are just lame:

Little John: Let me introduce you to my best friend: Will Scarlet.
Scarlet: Scarlet's my middle name. My full name is Will Scarlet O'Hara.
Scarlet: We're from Georgia.


Prince John: Such an unusual name, "Latrine." How did your family come by it?
Latrine: We changed it in the 9th century.
Prince John: You mean you changed it TO "Latrine"?
Latrine: Yeah. Used to be "Shithouse."
Prince John: It's a good change. That's a good change!

(Seanie, while watching:  "Why is Prince John Jewish?")

I mean, it's not a terrible movie.  There are still some good jokes in it.  (Patrick Stewart as King Richard?  AWESOME.)  But so much of the movie's rather cringe-worthy. 

Ah well.  I guess I'll give it a pass - I hate parts of Spaceballs but it still made me smile last time I watched it.
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