Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

People who ride the light rails can be so awful.

I know I shouldn't speak ill of people I don't know, but sometimes when I am on the light rail I am just astonished by how oblivious riders are to the people around them. I'm not just talking about the folks who ignore the 'no eating' rule and leave crumbs on the seats, or the ones yelling on their cell phones about their personal problems. They're annoying, to be sure, but those sorts of people are everywhere.

I'm thinking of the people who happily sit there discussing their drug use and where they expect to find their next hit, or even better - the dealer and buyer who exchange cash for marijuana right there, in the middle of the train. I mean, what if someone was an undercover cop? They'd be busted in a heartbeat! There are also these guys, nearly always wearing dirty oversized shirts and low-riding jeans, that blare their rap music so loud that everyone on the train car hears it. I can't decide if they're too poor to afford an iPod and headphones, and that's why they use their old boomboxes, or if they really just want to be the jerk on the train who can't be ignored. It could really go either way. But it's people like this who prevent me from wanting to make a regular habit of using public transportation. I mean, I do it now because it's free with my SJSU tuition, but once I'm done with school I'll be driving my air-pollutin' car all over the place to get away from other light rail passengers.
Tags: public transportation, rant

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