Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The "Year of Disney Magic" is almost over.

Tomorrow, I will be heading down to Disneyland for the final trip of the year. I've lost track of how many times I've gone in 2012 - five or six, maybe? - but thanks to the Annual Passport, it has definitely been worth it.

We're going down for the weekend to see the holiday decorations. I know it's crazy early - not even Thanksgiving yet - but Disneyland is supposed to have all of their Christmas stuff up by Monday.

To celebrate this final trip, Jeannie and I are doing two tours: "Cultivating the Magic", which is a garden-themed tour, and "Holiday Magic", which is all about the holiday traditions in the park. Seanie and Bryan are going, too, but since Bryan didn't want to go on the tours, Sean opted to stay with him rather than spend the money. (Pity; Sean was interested in the Christmas tour. Sometimes I don't think he's selfish enough.) I'm looking forward to the tours because they're always really interesting and informative - plus pins! Yay!

It's been really amazing to visit the park so many times. I've seen it decorated for Mardi Gras, Halloween and Christmas (last year...but also this year).

The only drawback has been that we've been so consumed with going to Disneyland (gotta maximize that Annual Pass, y'know?) that we haven't really gone anywhere else for a vacation. No Europe. No East Coast. I guess there was Ashland in the early Spring, and a small road trip through California for the honeymoon, but there wasn't a huge, epic trip like last year in Florence or the year before in Florida.

But it's OK. Seanie and I will do something amazing next year, and in the meantime this trip to Disneyland is going to be AWESOME!!!
Tags: disneyland, travel, vacation

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