Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Embarrass Moi?

Oh gee, there are so many to choose from. Where to begin?
How about the time I nearly smacked my yearbook teacher in the nuts? That wasn't too cool...I was spinning around in one of those office chairs and waving my arms, gesturing here and there and everywhere and suddenly the teacher's right behind me and my hand is like .0003 inches away from hitting him. Eeee...that was bad. Maybe that's why I got a D in his class...
Or, if we go further back in time, how about the time I was at Great America in 8th grade and I got soaked in a white shirt? And then, as I was climbing out of the ride, my friend Daniel helped pull me out of the log (It was a log ride-roller coaster thingie, if that helps anyone's mental image) and ripped my wet shirt down the front? That wasn't too cool...
Or to stretch back even further, how about when I was the lead in the play Little Woman and I blew my third line into the play? Instead of saying what I was supposed to, I repeated the line that the person before me had just said. Of course, because I am so suave and cool no one in the audience noticed. (It was just a dress rehearsal, so it was just bored siblings of the actors.) The rest of the cast, including myself, were laughing/snickering/giggling for the next five minutes...
Or the time I sang in a musical in fifth grade? It wasn't embarrassing, but it should've been. Me? Singing in public? Gyah!
Or, if we came running back closer to the present, how about the time Davy took me to some film festival back during freshman year and I fell asleep and drooled on his shoulder? Actually, that wasn't too embarrassing either. Those films sucked, dude.
I don't embarrass too easily, I guess. I get more embarrassed by stuff like, "No, I didn't ace that stupid English vocab test." or "Yes, my SAT score was only 1150. Shut up." But that doesn't make a good story, does it?

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