Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Really, SJSU. Why hire this guy?

I can't believe Dr. S------. He's such a joke of a teacher.

When he puts together a Powerpoint presentation, he pulls his slides from Wikipedia and Google. This means that he doesn't always remember exactly where the object came from, or why he thought it would be a good addition to his lecture. So, he flips through his notes, skimming desperately, trying to jog his memory. Sometimes we'll sit there for a full minute in awkward silence, waiting for him to continue.

He's a nice guy - don't get me wrong - but I have no idea why he's teaching this course. I'm not even sure he knows the material, since he has trouble answering relatively straightforward questions. What's worse is that he doesn't even seem interested in half of it; he's just rushing to try and get on to the contemporary art, which is what interests him. We're covering the same material, in the same amount of depth, that we did in my Asian Art history class back at DeAnza. That doesn't sound so bad until you realize that Dr. Lee had to cover Japan, China, Korea and India in her class - but she still managed to get as much information as it seems Dr. S------- will do in an entire semester on Chinese art.

It's going to be such a long semester...
Tags: art history, school, sjsu

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