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New Year's Resolutions 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions

Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
I've got a ton of trips to write up: several Disneyland excursions, some days from the Florida Adventure back in 2011, and a round or two of Ashland plays. My “to be posted” entries are legion, but while I'm unemployed I'm going to do my darnedest to eliminate them all. Most of these posts will never be read but I want them to be there for my own reference in the future.

Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
This got progressively worse throughout November and December. I've got a stack of 20-30 books awaiting write-ups at the moment. I'll have to devote a decent chunk of January to getting caught up – but hopefully from there I'll stay on top of things.

Covert my old bedroom at my parents' into a studio.
The biggest drawback of the house Sean and I live in is that it is too small for me to set up a workspace for art-making.  My plan is to take out the bed and desk from my old room and set up a big table for crafting and sewing, and an easel for drawing and painting.  I'll work on this during Sean's shifts so that I can be out of his hair and productive.

Find a “for reals” job.
Now that I've graduated, I need to find a job. I'm going specifically for a job in my field, but if I don't manage to locate one by June then I'll be forced to expand my search to anything that's full time and pays well. But for now, I've got a steady stream of income and health insurance, so there isn't a huge pressure to take the first thing that comes along.

Draw or create something every day.
I'm going to document this with updates every week – probably on Fridays or Saturdays, since the only access I have to a scanner is at work. But every day, I need to draw or paint or at least work on something artistic. When I get a “for reals” job, I can ease up on this one, but as long as I'm idle and working part-time I need to keep the creative juices going.

Exercise 60 minutes a week; by the end of year expand this to 210 minutes a week.
I never managed to establish an exercise routine due to the excuse of “Oh, well, I'm so busy with school and the museum and what not.” But no more. I've been gaining weight and I've got to lose it. In some of my holiday pictures I've got such a big pouch that I'm surprised no one mistakes me for a kangaroo.

Cook at least three meals a week.
Sean and I almost never cook – we're always much too busy working or doing homework, so we tend to order out a lot. It's bad for our health and bad for the budget, so in 2013 I will try to prepare a fresh, tasty meal at least every other day. The other days we can revert to old habits or subsist on leftovers – to me, it's getting into the routine that's important

Travel somewhere new – preferably overseas.
The one regret I have for last year – and it's not a real regret, but rather something like a pout – is that nearly every trip ended in one place – Disneyland. Don't get me wrong; I love Disneyland and visiting it as frequently as we did was amazing, but the trips totally devoured my travel budget and I wasn't able to go back to Europe or try out a cruise, two things I'd really like to do.

This year, I have one trip lined up for certain: in April I'll be accompanying my mom to Chicago. Tickets are purchased, hotel is reserved – that's a done deal.

My fingers are also crossed that I'll be able to join Seanie in Tokyo in September for the Tokyo Game Show; while he works the show I'll explore Japan. After the show, we can hit Tokyo Disneyland together <3

But I want more! I want to do a roadtrip through the Southwest, and go back to Florence (always to Florence in my heart) and see Rome, visit China and run across the Great Wall, see pyramids and obelisks from a ship in the much to do and see.

Do one thing completely new.
Self-explanatory, and hopefully I fare better with this one than I did in 2012.

I may add more resolutions to the list if I think of them.

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