Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

So now what?

I'm starting to settle into something resembling a routine for my new, post-SJSU life.  In the mornings, before Seanie starts work, we hang out at home doing chores and/or hanging out.  Yesterday we were hanging pictures on the wall after buying frames at Aaron Brothers; today we watched "The Pluto Files" on Netflix.  (Neil deGrasse Tyson is a strange TV personality; he must have the most garish space-themed wardrobe ever assembled on God's green Earth.)   When Seanie heads into his office at work, I head over to my mom's house to finish my long-delayed plan to move my stuff out and convert my bedroom into an art/craft studio.  Around dinner time, I head back home to fix some sort of dinner for Seanie and myself.

On days that I work at RHA, I skip the visit to my mom's and head straight home.  Seanie cooks on those nights, or we eat leftovers. In the late evenings, I read and blog.

It's not the most exciting life, I admit.  But after the stress of school it's very pleasant.  I know things will start ramping up again soon enough, so I want to enjoy this break while I can.

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