Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The last wedding of the year - and Sean's in it!

Tomorrow, Seanie's going to be a groomsman in a wedding.  I guess it was his turn!  I've been a bridesmaid twice this year.  I was a bride and he was a groom, too.  To round out our wedding party participation, he had to been a groomsman for someone.

The wedding should be interesting.  It's at Hakone Gardens, where my friend Kero got married in August.  The bride and her maids will all be wearing kimono, while the menfolk wear traditional Western suits, sans coat.  (The groomsmen will all wear matching vests instead.)  It'll be a bit curious, as everyone is as white as you can get; there's not a yellow face in either party.  But by all accounts it's to be a very nontraditional ceremony, with no priest and a female groomsman.  I'm sure it'll be fun, though - the groom is one of Sean's oldest friends, and he's excited.

It's the last wedding in a year that was chock full of them.  We saw the following couples tie the knot:
Bandaid and Christian
Amanda and Jack
Kero and Sean
Alex and Nick
and now Marianne and Mike

(Sean wonders why I always start couples with the wife's name.  It's simple - who plans the weddings?  The women.  Ergo, the wife should get top billing when discussing weddings.)

I'm so glad that this is the last wedding for the foreseeable future.  They're so expensive!
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