Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Today was a Mom Day.

Last night, as I was planning the next day, I was super-motivated.  I would go over to my mom's and start the big project: converting my old bedroom into an art studio.  It would be great!  I'd clear off  the bed and start moving it out of the room.

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing.  Mom was on the line.
Mom: What are you doing this morning?
Me: Oh, I've gotta do some stuff here and then I'll head over to your place to start clearing my room.
Mom: I want you to help me put the Christmas tree away.
Me: Well, OK, I'll be there around noon...
Mom: That's AGES away.  Can't you be here sooner?

So I get up and shower and stagger on over.  I make it to my parents' house around 10:30.  We strip the Christmas tree of ornaments, tear down the lights and finally dismantle the tree and put everything back in the closet or the garage.  It's about half an hour after noon, so I figure I'll get crackin' on my room and be more or less on my original schedule.

Mom: Your auntie is in town; we should meet her for lunch.
Me: Oh, OK.  (Auntie S lives in San Diego and I haven't seen her since my wedding.)

Mom makes plans with Auntie S.  We meet her for a restaurant forty minutes from home in Los Altos.  We eat sushi and have a perfectly lovely time.  It's probably about 2:00, maybe 2:30 when we leave.

Mom: On the way home, let's stop in Mountain View and go to Bookbuyers.
Me: OK. 

It's looking like I won't get much done in my room, but at least I'll still have an hour or two to work on it by the time we get back.  As we're passing through Saratoga, Mom wants to take yet another side trip to stop at an Asian grocery store, but once she realized it wasn't as close to the freeway as she thought she changed her mind and we went straight home.

On the drive home, Mom realizes that she finally wants to activate the Netflix account that my brother gave her for Christmas.  So I help her set up the account on her computer and talk her through the basic process of finding streaming movies and adding them to your queue.  Then my brother, who has come home from his first day of classes at De Anza, sets up Netflix on his XBox so that Mom can watch it on the TV screen.  She's never used an XBox before, so we have to teach her how to navigate the menu and use the contoller.  (I write everything down since I'm sure she won't remember.) 

By now it's 5:00 and I need to head home to make dinner for Seanie, who is so busy working on news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that he won't have time to make food for himself.

Total hours spent on my room?  Zero.
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