Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Phew! We're getting there!

I managed to knock out two papers today.

The first was for my Baroque Art class.  It's about the European influences on Japanese art during their seclusion period.  The most interesting bit focuses on maps and how European images of the world appeared on Japanese screens, but I also talk a bit about ceramics and lacquerware.

The second paper was my anthropology final.  As I mentioned previously, the assignment was to look at some ledgers from a late 19th century grocery store here in San Jose, and try to determine something about the society at the time.  I ended up focusing on the few Chinese names that were mentioned, and the possible relationships between these Chinese individuals and a Mr. Cornthwaite, who appeared to be 'sponsoring' the Chinese, perhaps as an employer.
Tags: homework, school, sjsu

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