Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I look just like Buddy Holly...

"What's the most attractive quality you can find in another person?".

The title has absolutely nothing to do with the entry - it's just the song that's playing on Winamp at the moment.
Anyway, the most attractive quality another person can have Okay, maybe not, but it *really* helps make them more tolerable to me. Just because money is what I don't have.
But I suppose I ought to get serious and think about the question. Okay.
The most attractive quality another person can have is artistic aesthetics. Doesn't that phrase sound stupid? I made it up. Basically, the person has to be an artist who is trying to beautify the world around them in some way. Whether it be through being kind to other people, or writing music, or just being there for someone who needs you. The person sees something wrong with the world and tries to make it better, tries to make it prettier.
I think that's why I can tolerate people at school that I normally wouldn't associate with. Val has the morals of a piece of seaweed, but I like her because she is so great when she performs in plays or musicals. Kim and I can never be friends, but I can be friendly to her because of the way she conducts herself. Even if she is a total rat to other people (I have no idea whether she is or not, but just in case...) seeing her interact with her best friend seems to prove that she's a good person, and I can't not like her.
Maybe that's why I can't stand Jessy. She doesn't even have friends, and she certainly doesn't try to beautify anything...

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