Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Le sigh. Trapped at work.

I had signed up Seanie and myself for a glass-working class, but I neglected to request the day off on the calendar right away and my co-worker beat me to it.  She wanted the entire weekend off to celebrate her birthday; that's a hard thing to argue with, no?  So I e-mailed the glass company and asked if I could change for another date, but since I was using a Groupon they said that there were no cancellations and no refunds. 

Frustrated, I asked my boss if I could pretty please take an slightly longer lunch than usual so that I could go to the class - and I was shot down.  Two hour lunches were not acceptable; I could only be gone the one hour because I needed to be at RHA.  I was so unhappy.  I gave the glass class voucher to my friend Jeannie since I couldn't make it.

So now here we are, the day of the glass class.  Instead of sweet romantic date with Seanie, I'm here at work while he and Jeannie get to play with glass.  Even better? Absolutely no one has come into the office today.  I have not been needed.

To top it off?  My co-worker wanted the weekend off for her birthday, but just posted on Facebook that she's soooo bored because there's absolutely nothing to do.  She told me she was going on a trip, and she's just sitting at home doing nothing while I'm out $80 for a class I can't attend?

Sometimes everything just sucks.
Tags: glass, rha, work

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