Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Oh, but don't you amuse me!

Stupid people amuse me.
Stupid people who think they're smart or gifted crack me up.
Stupid people who think they're both smart and gifted force me to snicker with every sentence they speak.
Stupid people who think they're smart, gifted, and interesting make me want to wretch all over their shirt. Because there is a line that stupid people are not allowed to cross, and that is it.
Ne, you know how it is. The person in front of you at the grocery store who tries to take 13 items in the 10-Items-Or-Less-Express-Lane, or that person who has to root through her purse for about 20 lifetimes before finding her wallet only to find that she has no cash and her credit cards are all maxed out.
Or the person who talks on and on about some topic they know nothing about, and that you don't care about. That guy at the party who tells you all about his hemorroids, and goes on and on and on...or even worse, about some book he read that supposedly is real deep - but how can it be when it's written by someone nearly as stupid as he?
Or, worse of all, the stupid person who brags about how talented they are, and then force you to look at the product of their supposed gift. (This most often pops up in the form of writers who are positive that their work is the next Shakespeare.) As you read what they wrote, all you can think is, "This is so pathetic...this is so lame...this is so dreadfully terribly BAD." And because you're too kind to tell that to their face, when they ask for your opinion you force yourself to keep from gagging as you run from the room before they can stop you.
Or, even worse, you tell them your opinion and they manage to twist it into a compliment.
Can't you tell I've spent a little too much time around stupid people lately?

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