Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Christopher Moore at Kepler's

Seanie, Jeans and I went to Menlo Park to see Christopher Moore talk about his latest book.   I'm beginning to feel rather like a stalker - Jeans and I just saw him at the beginning of the month.  Well, Mr. Moore knew this would happen when he first started writing books.  Right?

Anyway, this presentation was very similar to previous one, covering the same basic material re: Sacré Blue.  So I won't go rehashing all of that here - if you're curious you can read the entry.  Some of the questions he got from the audience were rather odd this time:

Why are you so mean to Biff [character from Lamb]?

Why the name Sacré Blue? (To be fair, the woman who asked this question didn't sound like English or French was her native tongue, so she may not have gotten the joke.)

You should write a story about a little girl! (Christopher Moore: "I should.  I think it'll be about a girl who becomes Death.  Her name will be Sophie.  I think I'll call it A Dirty Job. Oh wait, I did that already.")

Christopher Moore did a big, fabulous stuff giveaway at the San Francisco author signing, but he didn't do it this time.  Maybe that was just a big thing to launch his book tour, or maybe he just loves the people in his hometown best.


Since I didn't take any pictures last time, here's a photo of Jeans and me with Mr. Moore back on April 3rd:

The man makes the best faces. Sadly, we don't.
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