Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Set-up for Rick Riordan event at museum

Today I was at the Egyptian Museum, helping set up for tomorrow's broadcast.  Have I mentioned it before?  I can't remember.  Anyway, here's the basic details: The third book in Riordan's Kane Chronicles series is launching tomorrow, and to kick off his book tour with a bang Rick Riordan is going to be doing a webcast from the museum.  He'll talk about some of the artifacts in the gallery, lead viewers through the rock-cut tomb, and read a portion of the latest book in the hour-long production.  When I heard about the event, I immediately volunteered to be involved, since I'm a huge fan of Riordan's Percy Jackson books.

Mr. Riordan wasn't really around today.   The film crew that would be taping the live webcast was here, setting up their equipment.  It was pretty fascinating.  They had all these big fancy lights and colored gels, and in every room they were messing around with the lighting.  For example, in the tomb they set up some blue and green lights to give it an ethereal glow that it never has normally - it changed the mood completely!  Since they couldn't move any of the exhibits, the men did all sorts of things with paper lanterns and light-bouncing screens to enhance the visual effect of the displays.  Usermontu, the mummy in Gallery One, got several new lights shown on him so that the details of his well-preserved face would be visible on camera.

We, the museum employees, didn't set anything up, of course.  We were basically there as security, ensuring that the film crew didn't knock anything over with their boom mikes and whatnot.  I guess that's not terribly exciting.  But I had a lot of fun talking to the guys about what they were doing, and most of them didn't seem to mind explaining the process. 

When I told him about it later, Seanie thought it was cute that I was getting a little taste of what he did in college, when he majored in Radio, TV & Film Production.

Tomorrow is the actual event - should be fun!
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