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2013 New Year's Resolutions: January Update

2013 New Year's Resolutions: January Update

I got too busy with...with what?  Watching TV, for the most part.  Most of these didn't get done.  I suck.

Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
At the end of December, I had 186 backlogged entries.
I have 178 now.
That's not much progress, I confess, but at least the number didn't go up!

Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
I wish I'd written down how many backlogged entries I had for fashion_piranha at the beginning of the month.  Right now, I have 28 to clear.  That's depressing, but maybe I can get it all squared away by the end of February.

Covert my old bedroom at my parents' into a studio.
I dismantled the bed and vacuumed up a ton of cobwebs and dust that accumulated underneath it.  In the process, I unearthed my fabric stash from back when I did fashion design.  Bad news: looks like bugs got into the fabric.  I'll have to look through it to see what is salvageable; I guess the moral here is don't let stuff sit around uncovered for years and years!  I made a post on Freecycle about the bed and mattress, so hopefully someone will come collect it tonight or tomorrow.  Mom wants it GONE and I don't blame her at all.  After I weed through the fabric, the plan is to move some bookcases from the garage up here and then see what kind of space is left when my stacks of books are shelved.

Find a “for reals” job.
I've found lots of interesting conservation internships in other parts of the country, and will apply for them, although I'm not sure my odds are good since I have no conservation experience.  The museum jobs here in the Bay Area have been really slim pickings so far.

Draw or create something every day.  Draw or create something at least weekly.
It turns out that trying to create something daily was just too much of a demand on my time, but I'm definitely progressing in this area.  I'm taking an oil painting class twice a week at DeAnza, and right now I'm satisfied with that.  Once I knock out resolution #1 and #2, I'm open to going back to a daily art project, but for now as long as I'm making art regularly it doesn't have to eb every day.

Exercise 60 minutes a week; by the end of year expand this to 210 minutes a week.
Ha ha.  Guess how I'm doing on this.  I'm not.

Cook at least three meals a week.
I tried a couple of recipes with a slow cooker, like a modified shepherd's pie and chicken calvados.  But Seanie and I are definitely not up to cooking thrice a week.

Travel somewhere new – preferably overseas.
Chicago is definitely happening in April.  Seanie and I are also thinking of Tokyo in September, but since he will not be going to Tokyo Game Show this year we lose out on his free plane ticket, so it will cost more than anticipated.  We'll see if we can still make it happen.

Do one thing completely new.
Oil painting.  It's new.  I'm doing it.  But that's not quite what I had in mind...

I may add more resolutions to the list if I think of them.

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