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Homecoming was this week. Needless to say, it was one of the most stressful weeks I've had.

For starters, no one liked the theme Leadership had chosen, which was "Los Angeles." When we'd chosen the theme back in August, it had seemed like a great idea. Monday would be Beach Day, Tuesday would be Music/Musician Day, Wednesday would be Disneyland, and Thursday would be Hollywood. Friday was originally going to be Gang Day, with the class colors being your gang's color. But we couldn't get the administration to approve it, so it was just color day. The Homecoming Dance theme could be "Chillin' in LA," and we could decorate it with sparkly stars, movie posters, disney characters, the works. It looked so good on paper.

But then the actual week came, and it was off to a bad start. It was freezing cold on Monday, so almost no one showed up dressed for the beach day. I mean, we were used to and expected the usual amount of unspirited kids to show up in black just to show that they disapproved, but some of the kids that usually go all out refused to dress. Even a noontime activity couldn't rally the crowd.

Then along came Tuesday, which was even worse. I mean, it is not hard to wear a shirt with your favorite band on it, right? Almost everyone has a shirt with 'koRn' 'slipknot' or some other band on it, even kids who usually won't even stay awake during a rally. But no one could be bothered to dress up. It seemed as if everyone was going out of their way to avoid participation.

Wednesday and Thursday passed along in the same manner, even though that was a little easier to take because we expected those to be the slow days. But it was still frustrating.

Friday had a rally, and it followed the week's pattern. The only time we got active participation was during the Class Yells, and that was only so that the classes could shout 'sophomores suck!' 'freshmen swallow!' at each other.

And just to finish it off, Branham lost Homecoming to YB (the WORST school in the STATE - their victory was the first in five years or something equally horrendous) 41-0!!!

I'm sure that our school's lack of spirit had something to do with the loss. I mean, OG's kids are all spirited as heck, and they have been League champions for the past five years! YB & BHS have no support whatsoever, and both of the teams are (sorry Tim!) just plain horrible!

And it's just this cycle that keeps going around and around, like links on a chain. Kids don't feel spirited, don't show up to football game. Players lose. Week after week, all season long, same story. When does the chain end?

All I know is that we wear the chain around our necks, and it sure is getting heavy.
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