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Movie: Thor (2011)

Now that CES is over, Seanie was able to relax a little…by which I mean he cleaned the house today. Good man. After I got home from work, we watched Thor, which Jeans has been bugging me to watch for ages because I need to be familiar with the story in order to understand Avengers.


Thor was always one of those Marvel superheroes that I couldn’t quite embrace. He just wasn’t interesting to me. He had a hammer that he used to beat stuff up, but he also had superstrength and invulnerability so he never seemed to be in any real danger. Also, the way that he flies is by whirling the hammer over his head a couple of times and then throwing it, the force of which drags him into the air behind it since he’s still clutching the handle? It seemed like his shoulder should get ripped out of the socket every time. Physically, his character design hasn’t ever been exciting or even interesting to me. Loki was always a little more interesting, although even by comic book standards his headdress is ridiculous and makes me question his decision-making skills. But in general, I’ve ranked the Asgardians as second or third-stringers in the Marvel Universe.

I can’t say the movie changed my opinion. It’s a solid middle-stringer; not as good as Iron Man or Captain America, but not a bad superhero film, either.

Thor. Boring. Hate the costume with the crazy shoulder pads. The actor looks like he’s wearing waaaaay too much mascara half the time. I get that Thor was never a particularly clever god – he’s meant to be bravey and brawny and Marvel made sure that they got a good-looking, beefy guy to play the role. I like that they played up his arrogance so that he’d have some sort of personality. But eh. Boring.

Loki’s character was fleshed out and truly was a complex villain. He initially appears to be a trickster, perhaps a bit cruel but not intentionally evil. But by the end of the movie, I don’t think he had any idea what he wanted or believed anymore. He was just a mess…but I liked him. He’s far, far more interesting than Thor.

Jeannie thinks I didn’t like it because I don’t care for Natalie Portman, but that’s not true. It’s not that I dislike her specifically so much as she was just in every single movie for a while there, and I got a little tired of her face. She’s also had roles in movies I’ve really disliked (Star Wars , ugh) but I’ve liked her in other roles, like Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl. Her performance wasn’t particularly notable here, because I didn’t think her character was all that interesting. Maybe a lack of chemistry between her and Thor was the issue? At any rate, Pepper Potts is far more entertaining romantic lead.
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