Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I didn't have to do a presentation today! Hooray!

I was scheduled to do a group presentation today in my Northern Baroque class, but our teacher was out sick so it's been delayed 'til Wednesday.  Hooray!

I'm a little nervous about this group presentation. We'll be talking about Japan and its art during the 17th century, which is actually pretty interesting since that was when Japan sealed its borders, and the goal of the talk is to explore the connections between their people and the European Baroque.  We met last night at the MLK library to go over our slide show, but it ended up being a waste of time.  Well, not completely.  The student who had created the PowerPoint presentation went through each section individually to make sure the slides were in the correct order.  That was important.  But - even though I suggested it multiple times - no one wanted to practice going through our presentation at least once to be sure the transitions were smooth and our timing was OK.  Since we're only supposed to talk for twenty minutes, I'm a little nervous, because some of the other people in my group had several pages' worth of notes - far more than they would need if they're speaking for a maximum of four minutes.  But no one else wanted to practice, so...

I hope it turns out OK on Wednesday.
Tags: art history, group presentation, school, sjsu

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