Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First time back at SJSU since I graduated.

This evening I went to a pretty cool lecture on Moche ceramics. It was part of the Art Department's Tuesday Night Lecture Series at SJSU. This is the description, taken from their website:

Juliet Wiersema: Moche Architectural Vessels–Ceramic Diagrams of Sacred Space

The Moche were one of many pre-Columbian cultures to represent their architecture in miniature in ceramic vessels that doubled as functional containers and even as acoustic artifacts. Informationally-specific objects of visual communication, these objects offer us one of the best sources of information on Moche architectural remains. In this evening’s presentation, Dr. Wiersema will examine the ways that architectural space was envisioned and pictorially communicated by the potters of the Moche, transforming an earthenware container into a specific and identifiable architectural space.

It was really interesting to learn more about this branch of Moche ceramics; when I took my South American art class, we only really talked about Moche head/portrait ceramics because we were so short on time.
Tags: art, art history, ceramics, sjsu

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