Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I took that damn personality test...

I feel so dirty because I just wrote the word 'damn.' But that's really how I feel about the personality test. Even though it is very true...-_-
If you don't know what test I'm talking about, go here. You can read the descriptions of the different personality disorders here.
Disorder & Rating Information
Paranoid: High
Heh heh...I don't worry about other people having sinister motives because I don't think they're smart enough to have 'em. Excessive trust in own knowledge abilities...that hits the nail on the head.
Schizoid: High
Is that me, Kris? You'll have to tell me if my social skills are weak or not...
Schizotypal: High
Soooo me...heck, Ms. B's word for me was eccentric...
Antisocial: High
Careless with money, that's me...and I do believe that if others are taken advantage of it's often their own dumb fault...I am such an awful person, aren't I? I've been rating high for all these mental issues o.O
Borderline: Low
Yeah, that's not a problem for me. Nope nope.
Histrionic: High
Ne, is this one me too? I mean, besides the 'grandiose language to describe everyday events' part?
Narcissistic: Very High
Well, of course this one is high. I always tell you all that I am full of myself and that I should be worshipped.
Avoidant: Moderate
Not much to say about this one...
Dependent: Low
Yes, I've very independent, I've heard.
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate
Perfection sucks. I'm definately not into sharing my cash, tho'.
So is this accurate? I don't know, probably. I'm such an unpleasant person...can't say that I'm upset about it, though. I always say I'm several kinds of crazy...

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