Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

TV: Grimm Season One

I finished the first season of Grimm tonight.  The show reminds me of some of the supernatural-themed shows from the 1990s, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.  I think that might be due to the special effects - to me, the fairy tale creatures tend to look like they stumbled out of the same creature workshop as the demons in Buffy.  I don't know if that's really a fair assessment or not.

I don't normally watch cop shows, and if it weren't for the fantasy element I probably wouldn't watch this one, either. The quality of the episodes was pretty hit or miss.  I mean, there'd be some good ones - I usually liked the ones in which the police chief played a prominent role, because I think he's really interesting - but then there would be episodes like the one with the bee-people or the rat-people.  Those were just silly, and kinda gross-looking.

The connections to the fairy tales don't always make sense to me.  I mean, the pilot/Little Red Riding Hood episode was pretty straightforward, and I really liked the way Hansel and Gretel was adapted.  But even with the Grimm quotes at the beginning of each episode, I don't always know what the heck the episode is referring to.

I'm also very pleased with what a strong character Juliet is turning out to be, especially since she has no magical abilities or, to date, any real understanding of all the strange things happening around her.  She gets attacked in her home?  OK, she'll learn how to shoot a gun so she can defend herself.  She thinks Nick is hiding something from her?  She's won't compromise - until he 'fesses up she refuses to marry him.  Also, the actress who plays her is really pretty.

Hopefully I'll manage to get Season 2 soon.  I got the discs of Season 1 through Netflix, but it looks like Season 2 is available on NBC's website so maybe I'll be able to watch it that way.


Also, dude, Portland looks awesome.  I should live there...although I hate the rain, so I guess that would be a problem.  Ha ha.
Tags: cop shows, fairy tales, fantasy, tv

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