Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Seanie's deviated septum surgery

Poor Seanie had to undergo surgery for a deviated septum yesterday.  (Not a happy Valentine's Day at all!)  I drove him to Kaiser and waited while they did the surgery.  I have no idea what it involved...I think they drilled a hole inside his nose so he could breathe better?  But I was mostly there to get him home safely and make sure he had all his medicines - oh, and to take embarrassing pictures:

My husband posted these pictures on Facebook.

Even though it's only been a day, I think he's going stir-crazy sitting around the house.  The pain medication is killing his ability to concentrate, so he hasn't been able to play video games or read - all he does is sit on the sofa and watch Star Trek reruns.  But his nose seems to be healing like it should, so it's as well as can be expected.

Funny story: When he was weighed in by the doctors, one commented that his weight seemed OK...until she read his chart and realized he gained 11% of his weight since his last visit. Then she told him to watch it, or he'd be unhappy and unhealthy forever!

Tags: doctor, seanie, surgery

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