Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Proof I'm a Senior

Well, I got the proofs from my senior portraits back today. They could've been better - could've been worse. Hopefully I can get Kris to come by and tell me which ones to get before my five-day-time-limit is up. I'm so indecisive about stuff like this...I wish I could scan them in, because then I could have all of you decide for me! ^^;; I know! I'll describe my facial expressions on each one...there we go. ^^;; So pathetic, ain't I?
Bold Titles = Professional pictures for the yearbook...they all have gray backgrounds and I'm wearing a black drape. The black drape makes me look fat. You have no idea how hard that is...let's put it this way...I have yet to hit 100 lbs...
Italic Titles = Casual pictures taken just for fun. They're in front of a brick wall, and I'm wearing a green tank top. In some of the pictures you can see my butterfly tatoo, and in some you can't. Such a bummer!
"I Am A Princess Staring Down Upon The Common Filth" - The photographer said smirk, so I did. I'm sitting in a directer's chair (but you can't see it) and I think I need to be holding or sceptre or something. I look evil, so I want to keep this shot.
"I'm Trying To Be Pleasant Here" - Me, the drape, and my smirk. The jade pendant around my neck, which I'm wearing in every picture, looks especially wicked here. Like the evil stone from which my power is drawn...or something. I'm not wearing my glasses, though, so I think that I would start slamming into walls if I move.
"I Have Very Dislocated Shoulders" - Another casual shot, and I'm leaning on a black column. Unfortunately, I look like a Hunchback, shoulder-wise. smirk is so beautiful in this shot...can't you tell I like smirking? The sad thing, though, is that the only reason my smile looks like that is because I was avoiding showing my braces. -_-
"I'm Blind and Do Not Like It" - I really don't like these black drapes for a reason - my hair blends in with the drape and makes my face look very bony, for some reason. Dig these killer cheekbones, baby...where'd my glasses go?
"Excuse Me, I'm 234 Years Old" - When I was posing for this the photographer said we were going for the "rebel" look. What a liar. I'm holding my glasses, and I look like some ancient crone asking a handsome young boy the time before she 'accidently' smacks his butt. Really. o.O
"I'm So Pretty In Plaid" - I am, even if I'm not wearing any in the picture. Back in the black drape. It's pretty much the exact same picture as "I'm Blind," but I've got my glasses this time. So I'm un-blind. However that works.
"I'm Perfect, You're Not" - I'm sitting in my throne again! ^_^ Only major difference between this picture and the first one I mentioned is you can see the pretty beaded flowers on my jeans. It's the little touches that make the difference, you know.
"This Picture Has Glare" - The glasses I'm wearing have major glare, so I won't buy them. Back in the black drape, and my head is at a weird angle. So forget it. (This is actually really helpful in deciding which pictures I'll buy! ^_^ Describing them helps me figure out if I really like them or not.)
"Can't Touch This" - This is my favorite shot out of the whole deal, I think. I've got my arms crossed and you can see most of my butterfly tatoo. Besides, the girl in that picture could probably kick anybody's butt if they pissed her off.
"Finally! The last drape shot!" - The last drape picture means I can finally get out of that horrible velvet thing! This picture is basically the one with the glaring spectacles, but since I'm not wearing the glasses it looks decent. My mommy liked that shot best. Ugh. Good reason not to get it, but since it's her money...-_-
"This Was A Great Shot And Then My Glasses Slipped" - The title says it all. Just me, my bony behind, (for some reason it's in the center of the picture...perverted photographer, that's what it is), and my hand. Doesn't that sound dirty?
Well, I'm done, because this is pretty darn long. Eleven proofs, and I have to narrow it down to four (or so.) Shouldn't be too hard...

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