Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Where's my mommy? Lost in the fog...

That being said, where is my mommy? I'm feeling kind of weirded out, because she left to go to a friend's house (a person who doesn't live even 10 miles away) and she didn't indicate that she was planning to stay past dinner. And here it's midnight and she isn't yet home. It's strange because, being the way that she is, she'd call if she was planning to stay this late - unless she somehow told us that she was planning to stay over, but that isn't the impression I got. So I'm going through worst-case scenarios in my head. I really am paranoid sometimes. This is why I won't have kids. She said she gave us the number of where she was going, but I haven't a clue where she put it.
Anyway, I just got back from yet another camping expedition. We went to Mt. Madonna, as we do three times a year. This time sucked, though, because my best friend forever Star couldn't come. So I felt lonely and abandoned and bored because I was trying to do my AP homework.
It was very foggy in the mornings and at night. I love the fog - it's one of my favorite weather occurances, right after lightning. Lovely and mysterious, it reaches up and surrounds you in in its secret shrouds. I actually went outside around 2 AM and just sat there for a few hours, unable to see my hand if I stretched my arm out in front of me. Just enjoying being in the center of a swirling cloud. Alone and by myself, yet completely surrounded by a sea of mist.
Fog is so very romantic. I think that if I ever get married it will be lost in a thick, pea-soup haze. No guests, just me and my husband and the preacher and the fog. God's the only person who needs to be there, and He'll be assembled in the fog.

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