Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The State of the House - Spring Cleaning?

It's sad that cleaning the house has become something of an event for Seanie and me.  We're so awful about vacuuming and dusting the place and keeping our clutter levels at manageable levels that it literally becomes a ten hour event just to get the kitchen, bathroom and front living room into guest-presentable condition.

(This is why we never have people over.  That, and I'm a tragically terrible cook.)

But next week Seanie's going to bring one of his co-workers home from a convention in San Francisco.  The co-worker lives in Florida, so we'll be taking a couple of days to show him the wonders of San Jose.  Or something.  I have no idea what we'll do, actually, but he'll be sleeping on our couch so we had to make it hygienic for him.

This upcoming week, we'll have to finish cleaning the bedroom and office.  I'll probably have to buy some storage things - I'm thinking a rolling clothesrack to hang my coats and jackets on, since my closet is depressingly tiny and overflowing at the moment, and some sort of over-the-toilet shelving system for all my lotions and potions, and something for keeping stuff under the bed - and maybe even throw some stuff away.

We'll see.

Tags: housewife, storage

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