Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Trying out a new yoga studio

I recently discovered - through the power of Groupon - a new yoga studio.  It's very convenient - only about ten minutes away when I drive - and it has plenty of evening classes that work with my schedule.  So far, I've gone to three sessions, with three different instructors.  It's nice. I don't feel too sore the next day, but at the end of each class I definitely can feel where some muscles have been worked on.

The killer thing about yoga studios is they're so freakin' pricey.  At this one, classes are $18 each.  You can buy a 20-class pass for $259, which drops the per-class cost down to $12.95, which is still a lot!  They offer a $129 monthly renewal, which isn't too bad if you manage to go yoga 2-3 times a week - but then you have to commit to six months.

I've got seven more sessions on the Groupon deal - and then from there, I'll have to decide.  I can afford the $129 a month if I cut back on some of my frivolous spending - but compared to, say, a monthly gym membership, it's really expensive!  Of course, I don't know that I would ever go to a gym, there's that.
Tags: exercise, groupon, yoga

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