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Ipsy: March 2013

So my friend K recently got a new job working for Ipsy, a monthly subscription box service.  Sign up, and for $10 a month they'll send you a little make-up bag with 3-5 products in it.  Sounds fun, right?  Their website is also a make-up community with monthly contests, how-to videos and other user-submitted content.  I haven't tried it out much yet.  But after seeing K's Ipsy bag from January, I wanted to sign up so I could get my own Ipsy bag each month.


This afternoon, I received my first bag.  It was mailed in a shiny pink envelope, so it definitely caught my eye when I saw it peeking out of my mailbox.  When I opened the envelope up, a card fell out.  I picked it up and this is what it said:


"The Great Escape" - I guess that's the theme.  The name makes me think of Steve McQueen movies, but a prisoners of war-themed bag would be terribly depressing, so they printed a nice picture of a dolphin and a sailboat.  So I'm thinking refreshing.  I'm thinking oceans.  I'm thinking lots of blues and sea greens and coconut fragrances.  Maybe a sandy scrub?


When I pulled the bag out, it looked very nautical and suited to the theme.  What's better than anchors on navy blue stripes?  Not much, matey.  The bag feels like slightly padded polyester,which hopefully means it'll be waterproof.  Y'know, for when I voyage the seven seas.

The contents of the bag were not as delightful as the bag K showed me, but for the most part they tied into the idea of traveling and escaping.

First up there was a trial package of makeup remover wipes from La Fresh - not exciting, but it matches the theme.  You don't want to lug around a pile of cotton balls and a full-size bottle of make-up remover when you're traveling, after all.  I'll definitely use these.

There was also a bottle from Juice Beauty of Hydrating Mist, which claims to "tone with this refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, resveratrol grapeseed oil and antixoident-rich organic juices".  I did say there would be something refreshing, didn't I?  This smells like ylang ylang flowers, which I don't mind, but it's rather strong for something you're meant to spray on your face.  The bottle suggests spraying your face throughout the day for "exhilarating refreshment", whatever that means.  Is it a toner?  Maybe it could be used to set make-up after application?  Hmm.  Considering I worked in the beauty & skincare industry for a good chunk of my adult life, you'd think I would know what to do with this, but I'm really not sure.

There were also two tiny Yaby eyeshadows about the size of my thumbnail.  The lighter color is "seashell", and it's such a neutral color that it doesn't even show up on my skin except as the faintest hint of shimmer.  At least the connection to the ocean theme is obvious.  The second color, a reddish raspberry color, is "azalea petals" and is also quite light.  On my skin, it matches my red tones a little too well.  I think that eyeshadows are a good thing to get in the bag, I just wish the color selection had been better suited to me.

The last item is a red magnetic palette - the perfect home for the two eyeshadows plus a couple more small make-up items.  On the cover is a white cross with "GLAMRX" printed on it.  It's OK, but it's a thick cardboard so I'm not sure how durable it'll be in the long run.

I'm a little disappointed with this bag, but for only $10 I think I came out just fine.  I love the bag, and the make-up remover will be useful.  The palette is perfectly functional, so if I had other loose colors I'd use it.  I think I'll like the hydrating mist - or, at least, I'll use it.  But this definitely doesn't WOW me the way the first bag I saw did.

Oh well!  There's always next month!
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