Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Art Glass Center of San Jose, Round II

Last night I went back to the Art Glass Center to repeat the class I took with Jeans way back in November 2011.  I had bought a Groupon for them, thinking that it could be applied to other classes - but no, it's only good for the one introduction class.

So, once again I made a fused glass plate, a clear glass swizzle stick/honey dipper, and a stained glass coaster.   Since I had done it all once before, it wasn't all that exciting, but it was nice to be able to revisit some of the projects since I hadn't been satisfied with the previous results.  This time, I was able to actually master the art of cutting glass - something that gave me so much trouble on my last visit that I gave up and didn't use any flat glass pieces on my fused plate.  It makes me want to take the fusing classes over at BAGI - while the Art Glass Center offers fusing classes, they're very basic as they're geared toward helping the hobby crafter complete a specific project and not toward helping a glass artist develop his or her skills.

But I wish glass wasn't such a costly medium to work with!  I mean, I complain to people about the cost of painting supplies but that is nothing compared to the start-up costs of glass.


In other art-related news, since I have no foreseeable job prospects on the horizon, I'm registering for spring classes at DeAnza.  I'm thinking that I'll take a beginning ceramics class and an acrylic painting class.  Ceramics is completely new to me, while acrylic painting is something I've done (although not for several years) but never tried to incorporate into my art-making beyond whatever was required for my Design or Color Theory classes.  I tried to get into a chemistry class as well - since that's something I actually really need to work on for grad school - but every single one is full, with a full wait list, too.   That could be a problem.

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