Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Do I have to be all Bridezilla to get things done?

So it's a good thing that I ordered that back-up wedding dress because my wedding dress is nowhere to be found.

Let me explain.

When I ordered my dress on February 29th from Shades of Pale, a Chinese knock-off wedding dress company, I understood that it would take about six weeks to make the dress.   That was the quote I was given by the consultant I spoke with. That was fine; I asked that it arrive between April 28th and May 2nd to make sure I would have it in time for my wedding on May 9th.  (Yeah, my wedding wasn't until the end of the month, but I wanted it here early enough that I could get alternations done, if necessary.)   Assuming it was started the week following the order placement, the dress should have been done around April 18th.  When I emailed again on April 1st, I was told that the dress would be completed in about three weeks.  So it was running a little late, but it was still more or less on schedule.  Great!

But as the weeks past and I received no update or photograph of the dress, I began to worry again.  The beginning of my time window (April 28th-May 2nd) came and went, and still no dress, so I e-mailed again on April 30th.  I get this response:

I am so sorry that I couldn't get back to you sooner we were having some very serious technical difficulties. Your dress should be done in about 10 days. Can you please tell me what day you would like to have it by so that I can make sure its not late? Hope to hear from you soon.

I was like, are you f*cking serious?  If you had serious difficulties, you should have sent me an e-mail!  So I e-mailed them a short, crabby note:

Well, considering my wedding is on May 9th, I would really like to have it before that date!

Thank goodness I told them an early day, if I told them my actual wedding I think I'd be really, really screwed.  I didn't get a response, so this is the angry ranty e-mail I sent today:

It is May 8th, and my wedding is tomorrow, May 9th.  When I placed my dress order on February 29th, it was with the understanding that it would take no more than six weeks for my dress to be made; it has now been nearly ten weeks and I have not seen any pictures of my dress or been sent a confirmation that it is shipped.  This is really unacceptable, considering the dress has already been paid for (Paypal transaction # -----) and was needed for a specific date, which was communicated clearly when you agreed to make the dress.

I will be having some extra wedding pictures taken on May 12th, 2012 - that is the absolute last day that I will need the dress I ordered from you.  If you cannot make the dress and have it arrive at my house by May 12th, please cancel my order and refund my payment of $460 as quickly as possible because I'll need to find a dress locally.

The only reason I'm giving them that final chance is that I really, really want the dress.  I mean, the David's Bridal one is OK, but my heart was set on that particular Pronovias design so I'm so hopeful that this Shades of Pale company will pull through.  They were so highly rated on the various wedding forums I looked at, and I couldn't find a single complaint for them, so I thought this would be a safe transaction.

But I guess the old rule about "You get what you pay for" is still true.  Cheap chinese sewing comes with a bucketful of problems!
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