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20 March 2013 @ 02:48 pm
Oil Painting Update  

Columbia just got her dress today.  In the original painting, the woman is dressed in a white gown, but the stars and stripes are much more fun.  The bunting is looking pretty good too, at least in this photograph - sadly, the paint is rather streaky on the canvas.

I still haven't decided on the color of the dragon - originally, it was going to be red, but now that the background and dress have so much red in them, I'm thinking a different color is needed for the dragon.  Maybe green or yellow-gold.  I'm running out of time to debate it - next class, I'll have to pick a color and commit to it.
broken: i <3 jack!!liich on March 21st, 2013 10:14 pm (UTC)
make it a smoggy yellow-grey dragon. smog is oppressive and suffocating...
maybe with some green tinges just to stand out a touch more without being HELLO I'M A GREEN DRAGON! :D

this beginning to look gooood!
and i love the symbolism.