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I was at RHA this evening.  A resident was having a Passover dinner, and since residents can't use the Clubhouse without a staff member present, I was drawn in.  Most of the evening went just fine - although this resident can be quite difficult at times ('crazy militant Jew' is how one staff member describes her, because this resident is exceptionally pro-Israel) she was very friendly and happy tonight.  Of course, all her friends were there and it's one of the high holy days, so why wouldn't she be in a great mood, right?

The trouble came at closing time.  The party ran late, which wasn't fun for me but I had expected that it would.  She fed me, so I didn't mind waiting around for them to finish up because I wasn't ravenous like usual.  But when most of the guests had gone, I came out to inspect their cleaning.  There was definitely some stuff that still needed to be taken care of - one of the tables had crumbs on it, the trash hadn't been taken out, and the bill hadn't been settled.  I noticed we were out of trash bags, so while the resident and her two remaining friends packed up decorations I went to the back room to get more bags.

When I came out, everyone was gone.

Now, I know that this resident was upset about the fact that we were charging for the event.  She had complained about it more than once in the two months leading up to the party, and had refused to sign a contract until the CEO made her do it this morning.  So I was pretty sure that she left early to avoid writing a check.

Hopefully my boss won't let this slip - lately she's been really lax about this sort of thing.  You remember that debacle from last month, right?  But the fact that the CEO has been much stricter about these things makes me hope that in the end, all will be resolved.

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