Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Finished the final for oil painting!

My final for oil painting is done.  Well, at least as done as it will be before the final critique on Thursday. The blue bodice looks really blotchy, so it would almost certainly benefit from another coat or two of blue paint, but it's such a hassle to paint around the stars that I will most likely end up leaving it as it is.  In the future, when I paint areas like that I think I'll put the background color down in a solid block, so that it's easier to get an even surface, and then paint the stars on top.  It'll be extra work, because I'll have to do multiple coats of white paint instead of the single one here, but it'll look much better.

I'm also not happy with the shading on her right arm.  I might have to re-do some of that, too.

The drapery of the fabric she's lying on photographs well, but when you actually see the painting the brown underpainting shows through the navy blue since it is so transparent.
Tags: art, painting
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