Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Art supplies are an addiction.

The curse of returning home after a trip to a major art institution is that I find myself wanting to create my own work. But then, when I go to my art supplies, I don't have whatever it is I'm looking for. This has only gotten worse now that my art supplies are split between two locations - half still reside at my parent's house, while that which I need for my current art classes hang out at my main house - and what I want is always at the other house.

Paint colors are the worst. I'll think to myself, "I need burnt sienna. I have burnt sienna. No worries!" Then I'll start looking and realize that I have burnt sienna in watercolor and in acrylic, but I don't have it in oil, the medium I'm currently working with. Or I'll realize that while I have five different shades of blue, none of them is quite what I'm looking for - something will be off, like I'll mix to the correct color, but it'll be the wrong transparency.

Then there's the incredible temptation to buy something new. I've already got a set of chalk pastels, so I shouldn't need to buy anymore. But I've used up of just one or two colors, and while I could buy replacements I've always wanted to try XX brand so maybe I should just buy one of their trial sets and see how it feels. But then I'll have two half-used sets of pastels instead of finishing up the ones I've got. So I should just get the individual colors I'm missing. But how often do I pastel anyway? I shouldn't spend the money.

So I pop online to Blick and drool for a while, and suddenly hours have flown by and all I've done is scatter supplies all over the floor. Little has actually been made.

My poor husband. I don't know how he puts up with all of it.
Tags: art, artist's block, shopping

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