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2013 New Year's Resolutions: (Late) April Update

I just realized that I totally forgot to update my resolutions in April.  And by "totally forgot" I might mean intentionally avoided mentioning them, because I've made absolutely no progress on them.

2013 New Year's Resolutions: (Late) April Update

Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
Up from 152 to 155.
I had hoped to get more of the backlogged entries finished up, but for every entry I completed a contemporary one didn't get written.  This is the the downside to traveling - I've had two trips so far in April, and as a result I'm more behind then ever.  I'm actually surprised that the backlog number didn't get higher!

Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
Up from 30 to 44.
I have been reading quite a bit, but I've been absolutely lousy about writing the reviews.  However, Amazon Vine recently changed their review policy - you must now have 100% of the items you receive reviewed in thirty days; previously, it was 80% of your total items reviewed.   I can understand the change - why would companies continue to send good stuff out if it isn't actually being written up - but it sure is motivating me to get those books written up.

Covert my old bedroom at my parents' into a studio.
Easel is set up.
At present there isn't room for the sewing machine, which is annoying.  There are two ideas I'm playing with:

  • Set up the full-size easel in the summer shack at the back of our property and put a small, desk-sized easel at my parents' house so that there will be room for sewing.  This would actually be the ideal set-up, but my brother-in-law claims that he'll use the summer shack for parties so having something that can't be easily put away back there will be problematic. (This is also why I haven't seriously considered putting drying racks out there.  But considering my brother-in-law uses that room for storing crappy outdoor furniture, piling up old beer bottles and cans, and stashing his camping equipment, I ought to be able to use it for painting.  I mean, he has a garage for all that crap.  We don't.  Maybe I'll go stake some territory next week...

  • The second idea is not setting up the sewing machine. That's not the optimal solution.  So I guess I'm really only playing with one option, but feeling doubtful of how to execute it.

Find a “for reals” job.
No progress to report there.

Draw or create something every day. Draw or create something at least weekly.
Oil painting finished at the end of March.
Now I'm taking acrylic painting.  I remembered it being easier than oil, but now that I'm doing it for the first time in years it suddenly seems a lot more bothersome.  Curse that near-instant drying time!

Exercise 60 minutes a week; by the end of year expand this to 210 minutes a week.
Remember how I was gonna start taking 2-3 yoga classes a week?
I should really get back on that...

Cook at least three meals a week.
I've been traveling so that's why I haven't been cooking?

Travel somewhere new – preferably overseas.
Chicago - check!
Next month my Mom has booked the two of us passage on a cruise to Alaska.  That's definitely somewhere new - so even though I still hope to go somewhere overseas, I'm checking this one off because by the end of next month I'll have two "new" trips under my belt.

Do one thing completely new.
Oil painting.

Do something else completely new.
I'm adding this one because April seems too early in the year to decide I"m done with new things.
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