Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's Seanie's birthday! Hooray!

My husband turns 29 older today!
He hates his birthday, but he's going to try and have some fun with it.  He plans to race go-karts this morning with a few of his friends; in the evening there's a family dinner and I'm sure there will be beer-drinking with his friends (the ones who don't do mornings).

I wish I was with him for the entire day, but I had to work in the office.  I'll join up in the evening for the dinner.  Maybe for the bar scene.  We'll see.

For his present, I got him a Loot Crate subscription box.  It seemed perfect for him!  Each month, Loot Crate sends out a themed box of nerdy surprises.  For example, last month's theme was "Token" and everything in the box could be tied to a classic arcade.  Here's the photo from the website, showing what was in the box:

He got a Street Fighter figure - his was Dhalsim, who even came with a tiny little fireball - and a keychain, an arcade-shaped candy tin, a vintage-looking arcade token, and an orange backpack with a koopa shell on it.  He thought it was a really fun box, and really seems to love the idea.

I thought getting him a subscription box would be a great present because he's always poking his head out the front door in hopes of finding a package on the porch.  When there isn't anything there, he looks so sad!  When the package is for me, he pouts.  But he'll continuously check in the morning, again in the afternoon, and sometimes even in the early evening.  So I thought he definitely needed something to look forward to each month.
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