Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Call me baby! Are you ready? OK!

The title is a line from a song. If I remember correctly, the song is from Di Gi Charet, but I really don't know anything more about it. At any rate, I'm listening 'Duvet' from Serial Experiments Lain right now, and it's just a bloody fun song. Makes me think of "Here with Me," but it's older.
Anyway, I'm sitting in my brother's room, watching the Simpsons, and the phone rings. Always when I'm watching TV! Naturally, I have to answer it because no one else will. (Jerks!) Turns out it's for me. Barclay College (impressed by one of my various test scores, undoubtedly) is trying to recruit me to their campus. (They're in Kansas, for crying out loud...why the heck would I want to go to college there?) The following conversation ensue:
Geeky dude (had a midwestern accent and everything.): Hi, this is ______ from Barclay College in Kansas.
Me: Hey, what's up?
Dude: Uh...not much. Did you get the information we sent you? (Obviously the guy has a script he's supposed to follow, and he hates doing this. Ha ha.)
Me: Prob'ley. I just got back from a major trip and I just totally haven't read my mail yet. But I'm sure it's there. (I'm such a liar! I never read college recruitment stuff, I just let it sit there and make me feel special. I think I might've gotten something from there, tho'.)
Dude: No problem. Errr...shall I tell you about our college?
Me: Goferit.
Dude: Well, we have nine different programs (Wow! Most universities offer upwards of 20! -_-) including blah blah um did any of that sound interesting?
Me (stopped listening a long time ago): Psychology. Psychology is good.
Dude: Really? I'm actually in that class myself.
Me: Is it fun?
Dude: **rattles off different options in the Psychology department.**
Me: Wow. Cool. (Totally lost.)
Dude: Yeah. So do you have any sports or anything like that? You know, that'd you'd like to do?
Me: Nope.
Dude: So you wouldn't like to try out for something like volleyball..? (Just because this is California doesn't mean I go out to the beach on weekends and play volleyball in a bathing suit...)
Me: Uh-uh. I'm not athletic.
Dude: Heh heh, neither am I.
Me: Groovy. (I'm missing the Simpsons for this!)
Dude: So, do you have any questions?
Me: Like, sure. What are your admissions standards? 'Cuz like, my GPA sucks. It, like, doesn't exist.
Dude: Don't worry, that's not a problem. It's a very open admission school.
Me: Grreeeeeat.
Dude: So should I have us send you some info blah blah blah?
Me: Sure, why not.
Dude: Errr...great!
Me: Groovy! Well, bye now!
Dude: Goodbye.
Me: **hang up** Isn't it like eight o'clock over there? In the boonies of Kansas, that is.
So, how many of you get these recruitment letters from colleges and funny phone calls? I swear, I got three letters today alone...I have a whole pile sitting in a blue tub in my room, unopened. It's kinda sad. And I've been getting so many bloody phone calls it isn't funny, because if any of them knew my GPA they wouldn't want me to step near their school.
Isn't it moronic?

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