Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The one thing I really miss about my parents' house is...

I really miss having a full-length mirror.
Right now, the only mirror in our entire house is the little one above the bathroom sink.  When I stand in front of it, I can see the top of my head to about an inch above my belly button.   If I stand on the edge of the bathtub, I can see my waist down to my knees.  From this, I can usually get a general approximate idea of how an outfit looks.

Sometimes, though, this fractured view is inadequate.  Since I have to twist myself rather pretzel-like to balance on the tub, clothing doesn't hang naturally off the body - and sometimes I'll realize that a shirt doesn't quite lie smoothly over a skirt until I'm long out the door.  Or my shoes will actually look not quite as good as I thought with everything else.

It hasn't been enough of an issue that I've gone out and bought a mirror, but it's always hovering on my to do list.

When I do eventually buy one, I'm not sure where I'll put it.  Somewhere in the bedroom, I guess.  If it's the flat kind that hangs off of a wall, I can put it behind the bedroom door.  But if it's a freestanding mirror, I can't think of a place it can be without blocking access to something else.

But this is really something I ought to deal with soon - if for no other reason than it'll make it easier to take pictures of my outfits and post them on the Internet when I don't have anything else to update about. 
Tags: furniture, home life, mirrors, vanity

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