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Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek: Into Darkness

This will contain spoilers for the new Star Trek movie. Sorry.

I’m not big on Star Trek - I’ve seen episodes here and there, and I enjoyed the first movie of the rebooted series, but I don’t get excited about the franchise.

My husband, however, does. So he made sure that we went out and saw the movie as soon as possible.

I watched this movie in the theaters, and I promise you that I paid attention, but I’m still not sure where the heck the title came from. Does anyone know the why behind ‘Into Darkness’? Is that a reference to the neutral zone? Klingon territory? Starfleet’s slippage into immoral behavior under bad leadership?

Oh well. After establishing that Kirk has trouble with authority in the first movie, Starfleet is shocked when – once again – Kirk ignores the Prime Directive in order to save a member of his crew. The Enterprise is taken away, but don’t worry, Kirk will be back in the captain’s chair as soon as we get some exposition and Poignant Deaths out of the way. Meanwhile, Sherlock John Harrison is wreaking havoc and must be stopped by Kirk. Blah blah action sequences blah blah John Harrison is Khan, one of the greatest villains of Star Trek canon, and blah blah Uhuru and Spock have relationship issues that no one cares about and GOOD GRIEF THIS MOVIE IS LONG.

I was pretty underwhelmed by Kirk’s death scene – it just seemed so forced and unnecessary. As my husband explained – and as would have been obvious to anyone who had seen Wrath of Khan, the entire scene is basically a repeat of Spock’s death scene, only with roles reversed. Um, lame. I can get behind rebooting a franchise and I can even stand behind recasting one of the series’ key villains and changing the character’s motivations and personality…but it’s just shoddy and lazy to directly rip off Spock’s final moments in Star Trek II. Plus, thanks to Internet memes everyone has heard William Shatner scream “KHAAAAAAANNNN!” and there was simply no way that Quinto’s Spock could match the intensity of that delivery…so when he did, I burst into loud, raucous laughter and could no longer take the movie seriously. Not that I was taking it all that seriously before, because Spock and Uhura’s little relationship tiffs had rather ruined the dramatic tension several scenes back – but after that “KHAAAAAAAANN!” the movie was nothing but ridiculous.

Special effects were decent. They got the job done. The ship’s in space, it’s on a planet, it’s in space again, it’s crashing into San Francisco…fine. We’ve come so far with what we can do with computers that it’s honestly hard to get excited by these big flashy action sequences. If anything, the length and energy expended on explosions and high speed flying car chases just remind me of how weak the story is, and how disappointed I felt that the movie was simply rehashing Wrath of Khan with endless winks at Star Trek fans instead of carving out a new adventure.
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